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Quite disappointing. Used to be so good but I feel like the quality has dropped to a point where it's not worth the money. There seems to have a been small changes? The kimchi has definitely changed, there's almost no liquid, it's dry and doesn't taste right. Pretty much just tastes spicy, no sour or sweet vinegar flavor. The marinated pork rice taste good but it has a lot of oil sitting in the rice at the bottom, and the selection of veg mixed it isn't as good. Also for takeout, the stone pot isn't worth the price because the amount of meat is so small. It's a shame because used to be a real favorite. Hopefully if we order in the future it will be back to how it was previously.

Holly-2017-11-16 20:05:17

It arrived half an hour late. The tofu in the vegetarian rice was rock hard. The kimchi pancake made me sick! It was burned black and absolutely drenched in oil! My request to swap the chicken dumplings to vegetarian ones was also ignored.

Natalie-2017-08-02 20:17:12

The food was absolutely amazing! And it arrived earlier than I expected. I definitely would order again.

Alice-2017-06-25 00:14:06

First visit here. Fantastic food, fantastic experience. Will definatly be back

Gavin-2017-05-12 07:52:46

I really love the spicy seafood udon and kimchi pancake! It's awesome.

Claire Xu-2017-02-06 21:32:51

Dish was tasty, not too bad!


Would definitely order again!




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